When I came home for winter break my freshman year of college, all I ate was meat. Steak, chicken, hamburgers - any type of meat I could get my hands on. I didn't care what kind as long as it was meat.
Why you ask?
Because after successfully avoiding the "meat" served in the Food Zoo all semester, I practically felt like I had become a vegetarian.

Being new to Missoula, I wasn't sure where to go in town to find a meal that made me feel like my mom had cooked dinner, without draining my bank account. The other big problem I ran into was most of my new college friends didn't have a car.

You might run into this problem too. So here's my solution, five places close to campus that will satisfy your hunger without making your wallet lose weight.

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    Bridge Pizza

    The first time I visited this pizza parlor I was taken by all its charm and character. Bridge Pizza offers full pies or you can buy by the slice, and by slice I mean 1/4 of a pizza. At $3 a slice you can rally everyone on your floor and walk over. If you like to have fun with your pizza, try one of their specialty pizzas. I can safely say I haven't eaten one I didn't like! If you still have room for dessert you can grab some of the nation's best ice cream at the Big Dipper.

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    Taco Sano

    I feel like there is quite a bit of debate about where the best Mexican food is in Missoula. So here is my advice, if you're looking for something fast, it's late at night and you don't want to leave your room, give Taco Sano a try. They make the best burritos. This place is an awesome substitute for Chipotle if that's what you have at home. You can even order online and they'll deliver! If you're looking for somewhere to sit down and eat, go to El Cazador. The chips are made fresh, and the salsa makes my mouth water just typing about it.

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    Tamarack Brewing Company

    I want you to think about the words, "Keg Nachos." Does that sound like something you and your friends could enjoy? The answer is probably yes. This heaping helping of food isn't the only thing you'll love at the Tamarack Brewing Company. It's like going home to mom's cooking without having to leave town.


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    River Wok Asian Grill

    Never heard of it? I'm not surprised. I didn't even know this place existed until my Japanese roommate introduced me to it. I bet you've driven past it many times and not given it a second look. It's super close to the university, located at 624 E Broadway St. It's a little gem everyone needs to taste. It's probably some of the best Asian food I've ever eaten. Did I also mention you get huge portions of food for cheap? The next time you think about eating Asian food, give the River Wok Asian Grill a try.

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    Food For Thought

    If you run out of money on your Griz Card and don't know where to go for breakfast, take an extra 30 steps off campus and go to Food for Thought. It's across the street from Jesse Hall, and has some of the most amazing breakfast.