The images of the May 20 Oklahoma tornado are chilling: houses ripped apart, trees torn out of the ground, and trucks flipped on their sides. The nation mourns the loss of many school children in Moore, Okla. This tornado video footage captures the storm's impact on the families, communities, and neighborhoods of Oklahoma.

  • Tornado Destroys Entire Neighborhoods in Moore, Okla.

    Moore, Okla. was one of the cities hit hardest by the May 20 tornado.

  • Woman Saves Dog, Hides in Tub During Oklahoma Tornado

    Tornado victims hid in whatever structures they could find for safety. The May tornado leveled houses, businesses, and schools in its path of destruction.

  • Oklahoma Tornado Charts a Deadly Path

    The tornado crossed many areas of the Midwest. Oklahoma was hit the hardest by the deadly storm.

  • Father Reunited With Son After Oklahoma Tornado

    After surviving the brunt of the devastating May 20 tornado, a father and son reunited in the rubble.

  • First Responders Assess Injured After Oklahoma Tornado

    Many people were trapped in collapsing buildings and swirling debris from the tornado. First responders rescue trapped victims from under the rubble.

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