When you think about South Korea, you probably imagine a bit of K-pop, 'Gangnam Style,' food trucks (Korean tacos are incredible) and possibly a bowl of super-spicy kimchi. While most of the items just mentioned are on the average American’s cultural radar to some degree, if you’ve been paying any attention to this small peninsular country (apart from the turmoil coming out of North Korea), you’d know that South Korea is a global powerhouse of innovation, music, shipbuilding ... and car manufacturing.

Most people, if asked, would probably consider a Korean automobile a utilitarian choice of motor transportation. Not many could name a brand other than Kia or Hyundai. Even so, hardworking engineers and designers have been churning out some pretty intriguing Korean sports cars and concept vehicles as of late. These rides are meant to please drivers of all ages (including, literally, toddlers). Since Korean companies are busy making some pretty awesome toys for the rest of the world to play with, we thought we’d take a look at five exceptionally cool Korean cars you might not be familiar with.