This is a terrible development in an already tragic story for a family traveling on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway in Maryland and stopping to change a flat tire late Sunday night.

The father, Rick Warren, was fatally struck by a passing car just as he was finishing up the tire swap. His fiancee was also hit, but survived, NBC 4 Washington reported.

The teen-aged daughter frantically called 911 from the back seat as she watched two family members dying on the side of the road.

The 911 dispatcher seemed very cold in his attempts to get information from her, even telling her to "stop whining," NBC 4 Washington reported.

The dispatcher has been defended by a Anne Arundel County Fire Department official, who said they were just trying to get the correct info and that it was difficult for him to understand what the girl was saying.

The 911 call has been released.

You can judge for yourself if his reasoning is valid.

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