September 11 always stirs up feelings and memories from that fateful day in 2001. Everybody remembers where they were when they heard the news and can remember the details so vividly. It's pretty amazing to hear people tell their stories from that day - especially those that were in the area and affected by the attacks.

These stories are crazy

And have you seen some of the eerie stories about celebrities when it comes to 9/11? Did you know Mark Wahlberg was supposed to be on American Airlines Flight 11 but ended up taking a private jet to his destination instead? The flight he chose not to take was the one that ended up crashing into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. That's crazy! And so is the fact that Rob Lowe was on the same flight 11 days earlier with hijackers laying out their plans in a practice run. Check out some other incredible celebrity stories of that day here.

A bit more unsettling than I thought it would be

This weekend is the 20th anniversary of the tragic events that affected so many - and I find myself travelling by plane on 9/11 for the second year in a row. Does it freak you out at all to fly on 9/11? Or if you haven't, do you think it would? I didn't really think it would bother me at all - and for the most part, it was OK. But I will admit, there were a few moments of unease when I was at the airport and on my flight last year. I mean, you can't help but think about things - and then your mind starts to wander in crazy directions.

I think part of my paranoia was the fact that we all had to wear face masks because of COVID. Ha! Everybody just looks like they have bad intentions when you can't see their face! And standing in line to get through TSA security I found myself eyeballing everybody and wondering what suspicious behavior they were up to. All that, and throw in the fact that every bit of turbulence was amplified 100 times because the smallest bounce had me thinking "this is it, we're going down!"

Giving it another go

So what do I do after an unsettling day of 9/11 travel last year? The fool I am, I end up booking another trip for 9/11 this year! In my defense, it's for a family gathering and there were no other flights that made sense. So I'll get to be on edge and uneasy about things all over again.

I never thought it would hit me any different to fly on 9/11 until I actually had to do it. Have you flown on that day since the events of 2001 took place? Did it hit you any differently than when you normally travel?

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