First, let's just take a second and celebrate "mask-hole" for how great of a word it is in these trying times of ours. How convenient that the whole world is having the argument about masks or no masks, while the word "mask" itself fits so perfectly as a substitution to help create a new profanity. I mean, "covidiot" was a great addition to our COVID-19 slang, but it just doesn't have the same insulting force behind it as "mask-hole" does.

Someone isn't impressed with Missoulians at the airport

I had a friend come to visit last week and they came from a state that has a mask mandate in full effect. They were a bit shocked that we didn't have to wear masks in the grocery stores or restaurants when we went out. It was pretty interesting to see how trained my friend was to reach for a mask while I was accustomed to only needing one if I chose to wear it.

Although we don't have mask mandates around Missoula (or Montana), we still have to wear them while at the airport. I've flown a couple of times in the last month and I'll say that I didn't really notice any problems with people that weren't wearing masks. Everyone seemed to respect the order. But I saw a post on Twitter today where someone called out a bunch of people that were on a flight from Dallas to Missoula. And yep, he hit them with the "M" word.....mask-holes!

Do we deserve to be called out?

I wonder how many "lots" refers to in his post. But I guess it would have to be a significant enough number to make somebody write and publish a tweet about it, right? Was everybody just turning up their noses to the mask mandate in the airport? Or could it have been people that were eating/drinking at the gate and had their masks off to do so? Was this guy's post warranted or a bit of an overreaction? I guess we'll never know. But in his opinion, Missoula is home to a bunch of ne'er-do-wells that don't follow the rules. Then again, you know what they say.....mask-holes are like opinions, everybody's got one!

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