Imagine waking up on Christmas morning and running down the stairs in your footy pajamas. When you reach the bottom of the stairs, you glance towards the Christmas tree, and you can see the gigantic pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. A pack of beer so big that it probably took Santa and a couple elves to get the beer into your house. 99 cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon to share with the whole family.

Last year, PBR unveiled the 99 pack (AKA "The Family Pack.")

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If you've ever had the need for 99 cans of beer (on the wall), then boy oh boy does Pabst Blue Ribbon have a ridiculously large box for you. People have been spotting a 99-pack of PBR for sale, aptly name the 99 Pabst, and it's as glorious as you'd imagine.

The case is exactly what you'd expect, although maybe you don't know how to envision 99 cans in one pack, cuz I sure didn't. Well, it appears to be approximately the size of a yard stick and looks most comfortably carried by two people...or, um, at least two people. 

You would think, finding these giant packs of beer would be easy. I mean they are huge. But, last year there was only a few cases released in select places around the country. Montana was one of the states included in the limited release. Orange Street Food Farm, known for one of the highest PBR selling stores in the country, was the place to find what few they ended up with.

Thankfully this year is different. We reached out to our buddies at Zip Beverage, and they informed us that a good amount of 99 Packs have arrived in Missoula, and will be released to the thirsty public tomorrow (Tuesday 12/15/20). I will give you one guess on where you will be able to find these glorious packs of beer. OSFF!

NOTE: 99 packs are being offered at a lower price than last year. In 2019 the 99 pack cost $175. This year, you can get yours for $119.99. But, hurry, only available while supplies last.

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