Montana has a rich history. During the state's early years, people from all over the world came to Montana to stake claim to land and even gold mines. Towns sprung up all over the state. Booming and busting with the years. Some of those towns were abandoned and soon became ghost towns. Places you can visit today and feel like you took a step into the past.

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Now, imagine if you took buildings from a variety of ghost towns and placed them all in one location. That is what Gunslinger Gulch has made a reality just outside Anaconda, Montana.

Karen Broussard purchased the property in 2019 with a 5-year contract for deed. She aimed to make the pieced-together ghost town a popular destination for travelers looking to spend the night in the Old West. As well as making it a popular spot to film old-west movies, murder mystery events, and music festivals. Several movies and even the show 1923 have been filmed on the property. Shortly after moving her family to Montana, COVID-19 struck and guest reservations dived.

LX News/YouTube
LX News/YouTube

Karen invited a television crew to film a paranormal research series for the Travel Channel. The series "Ghost Town Terror" was an effort to drum up business for people interested in staying at potentially haunted places. Unfortunately, that backfired as well. The show focused on the possibility of demonic hauntings on the property. Apparently, demons are not as appealing as regular ghosts.

Now, it appears that the time is up on the contract Karen signed in 2019. A large balloon payment is needed or the property will be seized. Karen is in desperate need of any help she can get to help keep her family home and business from disappearing.

A GoFundMe account has been created for anyone looking to donate and help Karen keep the dream of Gunslinger Gulch alive.

LX News/YouTube
LX News/YouTube

According to Karen Broussard

We have 30 days to raise a significant amount of funds to save our home, our business, everything. I have exhausted all possibilities through banks, mortgage lenders, SBA you name it. Private funding is the only way we will make this happen.

Karen currently has a goal of $350,000 to cover the balloon payment and keep Gunslinger Gulch.

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