Elk hunters have had an extremely difficult year in western Montana and most are blaming the lack of snowfall, which would help push elk into lower altitudes and make them easier to track. According to National Weather Service meteorologist Corby Dickerson, the snow story may change tomorrow.

"I do think we are going to see a nice little wave moving through here this week on Wednesday, into Wednesday night," said Dickerson. "That should put down several inches of new snow throughout the Bitterroot Mountains. It is nothing that is going to be all gang busters. it is not going to be a big system, but it wouldn't surprise me to see four to six inches above 4,000 feet."

Dickerson says the snow is unlikely to make much of an impact further north and that the Seeley Swan range won’t get too much either.

"For snow, at least organized snow in the higher terrain, I would go south," Dickerson said. "I would head toward the Bitterroot Mountains and the southern end of the sapphires. I would even consider myself heading down to southwest Montana and maybe trying that out. You can go down towards the big hole."

Though a large snow system isn’t expected soon, more snow should come next week, but hunting season will be over on Sunday.

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