Summer just started about three weeks ago - although it feels like it's been about a million degrees for three or four months now. It's amazing how fast summer flies by. And I'm not rooting for that in any way.....but I am excited for the fact that the new Scheels store at Southgate Mall is scheduled to open in October. And there's a pretty cool way that YOU can have a little bit of involvement in what the store will look like.

I was able to take a tour of the store about a month ago. It was still in the middle of construction mode - but there was enough completed where you could tell what the different sections were going to be. The tour guide pointed out all the cool things that'll be included once the store opens, like a batting cage, golf simulator, a bay for testing out bow shooting, and more. They also showed off a large section of the wall that was going to be used for taxidermy displays. And it looks like a large portion of those will come from locals that are willing to offer up their pieces to show.

Scheels put the following post on Facebook today:

"Attention Missoula! If you have taxidermy you would like to display in our new store, or know of anyone who does and would like to display them, please email or with an image and your contact information. The higher the quality and the more unique the better!

Please Include:
Animal Type(s) (Whitetail, Bighorn, Elk, Mtn Goat, Sheep, etc.)

We do not intend for this to be a “forever donation” we do ask for a minimum 2 year commitment.

Displays are professionally cleaned annually and include personalized nameplates: (Hunters Name, Species, Score, Location, etc.)

Looking forward to your submissions!"

Pretty cool! You could see a piece from your collection up on the wall every time you walk into the store! And what a convenient way to impress someone - "see that one up there.....the one on the left.....that's mine!"

Use the email addresses from the above to submit for your chance to be featured inside the store. 

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