With every trip to Missoula's Southgate Mall you can see things slowly coming along with the new Scheels store that's scheduled to open in October. They even have the sign out front now and things are really starting to take shape. I was able to tour the store about a month ago and it's going to be a pretty incredible place once they open the doors. I'm excited to try out all of the hands-on experiences the store will have. It'll be pretty neat to test equipment like baseball bats and golf clubs before you purchase.

One of the things they were telling us about when we toured the store was the Sasquatch that would eventually greet customers on their way into Scheels. At the time, it was something that was in the plans but hadn't been created yet. But now we're getting a peek at the larger-than-life greeter that will welcome everybody in the doors come October. By the looks of it - I'm not sure if they had it custom made or if it's a leftover promotional item from the Harry and the Henderson's movie. The similarities are pretty striking!

Look at that bad boy! Doesn't that make you instantly think of the movie? I love it!

And did you catch the part above where Scheels is looking for a name for their new in-store photo op? If you read through the comments on the Facebook page - it's probably not surprising that Harry has received the majority of support.

Have a suggestion on a name? Offer it up and every time you walk into Scheels you could brag a little bit that you're the one that came up with the winning idea.

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