Steampunk: it's like something is futuristic, but it's also sorta set in the past. It's a cool sci-fi subgenre that combines technology with 19th-century fashions and architecture - think some of the films of Tim Burton or the classic Will Smith movie Wild Wild West. It's also at the center of one of my favorite video games, BioShock Infinite, which probably uses the aesthetic better than anything I've seen in recent years.

But now you don't just get to watch steampunk - you get to live it! A steampunk carnival is coming to Missoula on May 24th. What is a steampunk carnival, exactly? Here's what they say on their Facebook event page:

"Musical time traveler, DJ Madhatter Presents "Steampunk Carnival."
Part Gothic steampunk, part Victorian circus. This event is a fundraiser for Missoula Community Radio, in conjunction with the MisCom Convention held at the Holiday Inn Parkside, Memorial day weekend.
We are currently looking for artists and steampunk crafter's for help,
to make this a night to remember. We are also looking for anyone who would like to table this event as a vendor.
For more information, vending, or how you can participate in this event,
Contact DJ Madhatter,"

The event is being held at the Union Hall Ballroom in Missoula on May 24th. Will you be strapping on your leather garters and giant robo-glasses and heading over there?

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