Growing up, I was given a book to read that changed my life. If you are from Montana, odds are you read the book, too. I'm talking about Gary Paulsen's "Hatchet." It is the story of a young boy who was involved in a plane crash in the remote wilderness. The boy only managed to grab a few items from the plane as it sank into a mountain lake. One of those items was a hatchet. Using only the hatchet, the boy managed to survive and thrive in the wilderness.

It is because of this book that I became fascinated with learning wilderness survival skills. It is also why I enjoy watching History Channel's "Alone." This popular television show simply drops people off in the wilderness and makes them film themselves as they try to outlast other "contestants." If they get injured or sick, they can simply "tap out" and call for rescue.

Normally, the contestants are given a backpack filled with gear to use during their time in the wilderness. Much like the hatchet in the book. But, a recent spin-off of the show goes at it in a completely different direction. In the show "Alone: The Beast" contestants are not all by themselves. They operate as a team. The catch? They are dropped off in the wilderness with nothing but the shirts on their backs. Their job is to survive for 30 days.

I had yet to watch the new series, which premiered in 2020. But, I recently stumbled on it streaming on Discovery+. While watching episode 1, I almost fell out of my chair when I discovered that one of the "cast members" is from Missoula. A 33-year-old wife and mother of three, named Lindsay Persico.


According to the History Channel website

Currently living in Montana after growing up in Idaho, her passion is hunting big game and predators. Her love of hunting began as a little girl as she watched her dad head out on hunting trips. It wasn’t long until Lindsay was packing her own gear and heading out with him.

Check out part of episode 1 of "Alone: The Beast." Stream full series NOW on Discovery+ or Hulu.

You can also follow Lindsay and all of her outdoor adventures on her website or her YouTube channel. Check out Lindsay's footage of her 2020 Montana pronghorn antelope hunt.

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