Are you considering enrolling at the University of Montana, but don't want to travel all the way to Missoula for a tour? Well, you can take a virtual walk around campus here.

First, a massive shoutout to the fine folks at University Walk Tour who put together this awesome video. This really is a great idea. Ever since covid, we have thought way outside the box on how we work, live, consume, learn and experience the world. Now, if you are a new high school graduate, or someone considering a change of education, why couldn't you take a virtual walking tour of the campus you are considering? That's exactly what you can do here at the University of Montana.

The University of Montana campus is absolutely incredible. It spans a whopping 220 acres and is nestled up to Mount Sentinal and the Clark Fork river. The main campus boasts 65 buildings, and the amazing football stadium, Washington-Grizzly Stadium holds 26,500 people. And then there is the Adams Center, the multi-purpose arena that holds another 7,500 people. It hosts a variety of events from basketball to large-scale music/events.

Watch the video below to take a virtual walking tour of the University of Montana campus.

The University of Montana holds something for everyone. The massively diverse education program spans the spectrum of technology, media arts, law, language, medicine, and much more.

Student life in Missoula is top-tier as well. Missoula is an incredibly special place, and many graduates from the U find themselves settling down right here in Missoula. The abundance of outdoor activities and friendly atmosphere make this town one of a kind. If you want to find out more about the University of Missoula in general, just visit one of these places and talk to a Missoula O.G. to find out more.

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