Here's something to lift your spirits in these troubling times. While there is much love for veteran metallers Tool, it looks like they're already winning over fans at an early age. A proud parent just posted video of their young tot completely mesmerized by the heavy rhythms of Tool.

As the TV is set to blast out a bit of "Invincible" from Tool's Fear Inoculum album, the young tike in the Batman PJs is drawn toward the television, stomping along and even starting a one-tot circular pattern before finding the rhythm of the not always easy to follow beats of Tool drummer Danny Carey.

We could all take a lesson from this youngster who toward the end of the clip decides that their drink is distracting them from fully engaging in the song, so they sit the sippy cup down on the ground and continue rocking out until the song comes to its end.

Given the child's synchronicity with the track, it's obvious the parents have weened this youngster on the marvels of Tool. So click play and get the wholesome moment we all could use today.

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