We all have heard the saying, "Montana is for badasses." But, with an entire state of badasses, we have got to have a couple badass world record holders? In fact we do, and for some really odd reasons. As it turns out, Montana has 2 world records.

1) Worlds oldest performing clown

2) Longest video game marathon on a role playing game

Billings and Great Falls are the hosts of both of these records.

The world's oldest performing clown is a man named Floyd "Creeky" Creekmore. "Creeky" started off as a rancher and also worked in construction. But, after retiring, "Creeky" joined the Shriners and became a clown. He performed in the annual Shrine Circus, as well as entertained sick kids in the hospital.

According to the Great Falls Tribune

In 2012, Guinness World Records recognized the then-95-year-old Creeky as the world's oldest performing clown. A previous stroke had knocked the juggling out of his act, but he still regularly donned the multicolored jacket and yellow hat to delight the young and old with a magic trick or a gag.

"Creeky" passed away in 2014.

Montana also is home to a team of Video Game champions.

4 gamers from Montana State University College of Technology in Great Falls, spent over 48 hours playing a RPG (role playing game). Jeff Nation, JJ Locke, Casey Coffman, George Vogl and Jeff Sagedal stayed awake for 48 hours and 14 minutes playing Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. They were aided in ther quest with a sponsorship from Mountain Dew. And accomplished their world record in May of 2012.

They also previously held the world record for longest First Person Shooter marathon. Which is currently set at over 135 hours.

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