Andrew W.K. is getting ready to perform live in downtown Missoula on Friday, April 12, as part of the "KBGA Fool's Night Out." Andrew was recently a special guest on The Blaze. Hear him talk about everything from playing with the Ramones to almost killing David Blaine.

Seg 1 - AWK discusses kicking off the "Human Party Machine" Tour in Missoula

Seg 2 - AWK talks about how excited he is to see Missoula

Seg 3 - AWK tells us about the amazing invention of the "Playtex Fresh and Sexy" wipes.


Seg 4 - AWK presents the "Stoner Moment of the Day" with the story about how he almost killed David Blaine. 


Seg 5/6 - Andrew W.K. talks about his invitation to join The Ramones for a world tour.



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