Blazers! You crazy mutherf***ers!

The Halestorm party was off the hook (yes, I'm bringing back 'off the hook'). I can't thank you enough for the rad welcome back day. It was seriously more fun than I ever imagined.
Thank you to everybody who called in, even you Mr. I'm Going To Call Every Five Minutes And Demand Tickets So That I Never Have A Chance To Win Anything Ever Again. Wolf Lady absolutely rocked it as our photographer. Having Kromdar from Walking Corpse Syndrome, Miss Daniella, my brother-sons KC and Shawn on my show with me was a total honor.

Other thanks: Bud Light, Halestorm, High Voltage, Thirty-Three, Kronos Kustoms, Bubs n' Boards, Blaque Owl Tattoo and most definitely, the very tolerant & bad ass Wilma staff. Man do we work those guys!

Blaze listeners, nobody parties like you do. Nobody. You are the undisputed champions of radness. Thank you for having me back. I won't let you down. So damn good to be home! KC has moved up to middays and I'll be holding down afternoons, 3-7 p.m.

The party is just getting started for the Rockstar Radio Show(™) and Universal Choke Sign. Check 'em out all weekend at Testy Festy.

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