There are certain people in this world that make a lasting impression on you from the first time you meet them. Angel is most certainly one those people. However, it was the impression she left on me over the time I have worked with her that will linger, and hopefully keep us hanging out forever. She is one of the hardest working and funniest chicks I know. Those are two traits I find to be super important in a human being no matter what my relationship is to them. It happens to be extra important though in this instance as in addition to Angel being one of my friends, she is also my co-worker. I'm the digital managing editor for our market, and it is my job to keep track of our on-air talents' blogs. When working with The Blaze I get to help them with all of their funny, random and creative blogs that they put up for all of you. This was clearly commonly a laughfest when Angel was involved. With that in mind, take a look through some of my favorites.

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