When I found out we were giving away $1,000 to a 96.3 The Blaze listener I was far beyond stoked.  That's a lot of dough.  So we fired up the Blaze University random winner generator and got this name....Steve Martin.  Naturally I was like shut the eff up, STEVE MARTIN? Really?  Yeah, Steve Martin of Frenchtown, really.

So I called him Friday morning playin' it off like I had some concert tickets for him.  Steve explained to me he would be working all day at a random hole in Alberton.  I told him we were bringing concert tickets...course he was listening to The Blaze all day so he pretty much knew we had a wad of cash for him when we arrived.

He told us to drive to an "obvious hole" in Alberton.  So we did.  And we found him...there alone working in the rain and mud.  This guy was scoring a thousand bucks just for being at work...the capper?  He just got done serving in Afghanistan in the Army Reserves. Steve just got home from a tour in Afghanistan and this just happen to be his first week back at work. Steve also told us that he listened to 96.3 The Blaze online the whole time he was deployed. Thank you Steve Martin for being a loyal Blaze listener and more importantly thank for your service to our coutnry. YOU ROCK!

We're pretty damn sure you've already experienced why it pays to be a member of The Blaze U. If you are currently a Blaze University Member simply participate in the Bonus Code event each week and you could be our next winner of $1,000. Here how it works. Each week we will shot you an email with all the bonus code info. Then you answer one question at 963theblaze.com and that's it! You are now entered into the big drawing. If you're not a Blaze University member you better Sign Up right now!

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