"The Sound of Winter" by Bush has been chosen as the official theme song for the Winter Dew Tour, a skiing and snowboarding competition that runs over three upcoming weekends. The song will open and close each telecast, which will air on NBC the weekends of December 15th, January 19th and February 9th.  Mmmmm...Shaun White....

If you've been dreaming of a White Stripes Christmas, you're in luck. The band will issue four seven-inch singles next month, bringing several out-of-print favorites back to the turntables of those who still use 'em. The bounty includes:

  • "Candy Cane Children," backed with Meg's a cappella version of "Silent Night" and Jack's reading of the story of the three wise men.
  • "The Big Three Killed My Baby," backed with the previously unreleased "Red Bowling Ball Ruth."
  • "You're Pretty Good Looking (for a Girl)," backed with a re-recorded version of "Ticket Agent."
  • "Hello Operator," backed with "Jolene."

According to a coroner's investigation, a British man who developed tinnitus at a show by Them Crooked Vutures -- the trio of Dave Grohl, John Paul Jones and Josh Homme -- committed suicide rather than live with the non-stop ringing in his ears. The official report states that Robert McIndoe -- a 52-year-old father of two from South London -- couldn't sleep for three months after the concert. He first tried to kill himself with a drug overdose and then stabbed himself to death.  The show IS effing loud as Hell, poor dude shoulda wore his earplugs.

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