I will never forget the first time I bought a Bush album. It was their 1996 album "Razorblade Suitcase." I vividly remember the "pre-school" gathering I would have with carpooling friends at my house each morning. I had a short window of time every morning between my parents leaving for work and our clown car full of teens leaving for school. After sending off my folks, I would immediately crank the only stereo in the house. I still remember how excited I was to throw on my new Bush album for my friends. Especially their single "Greedy Fly."

Fast forward to today, and I am surprised I still have yet to see Bush in concert. Thankfully, that opportunity is happening here in 2024.

Gavin Rossdale and the boys from Bush are coming to Great Falls for the Montana State Fair on Monday, July 29th at the Pacific Steel and Recycling Center.

Not only is Bush coming to Montana, but they are teaming up with other 90s rockers too. Joining Bush for their show in Montana will be none other than Alice in Chains guitarist, Jerry Cantrell. On top of that, You will also get a performance from Candlebox.

Tickets will be COMING SOON for the show this Summer at the PACIFIC STEEL AND RECYCLING CENTER IN Great Falls, MT. Keep checking the Montana State Fair website for more details.

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