Today is the year anniversary of the big Bull Trout that was all over the media.

I can't believe it has been one year since this big Bull Trout was on the end of my line. My fly fishing life took off after this catch. It’s taken me years to learn, improve and find my rhythm. I can only hope to continue to get better. I pulled this trout out of the Blackfoot River during the winter.

It was March 12th 2017 and my friend Lee and his friend Pete invited me on a little float. The accesses seemed un-accessible and the snow was still deep as we climbed Hwy 200. Yet somehow these guys managed to man-handle a raft and slide it down a snowbank.

In the water we went and after 6 hours and quite a few fish later I was ready to get home and be warm and have a hot drink. It was that one last cast that did me in for the rest of my fishing days, I will always want one more cast if I can. It was that last cast as we were almost to the take-out that hooked this bully and landed him in the net. The story of landing him is crazy, my reel fell off and I had to use my hands to get him in, and my palm worked as the reel.

It is a long story and maybe I will see you on the river one day or at a fly fishing function and tell you all about it.




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