I think this was my first time on what they call the East Fork of the Bitterroot River. It was a great day to be outside.

Although I did not have any luck fishing. We did see skwala nymphs and even possibilities of some in the adult stage. Even spotted a little crawdad. The weather was perfect and the water was actually warmer then I thought although still cold compared ti below Hamilton.

Stopped by Bob Wards and they were packed and said it was everyone getting their licenses. I laughed I had just bought mine hours before and so I understood exactly what was on everyone's mind. I think it is only a matter of time and warm weather till the full Skwala hatch happens.

I still don't understand why no fish liked my Skwala nymph though cause they were  eating those form previous reports days before and I did see one top action bug but I think it was on a just matured Skwala.


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