Anthrax are rolling out a new bourbon called "The Healer," revealing the idea for what to call their latest libation came from the legendary rocker Dimebag Darrell.

Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante explains, "The first time I heard Dimebag refer to booze being a healer was when we were on tour together and I was really sick. He came onto our bus, opened my bunk curtain, gave me a shot of whiskey and said 'booze is the healer.'"

Added guitarist Scott Ian, "'If we arrived for soundcheck a little hungover, Dimebag would be standing there with a knowing Cheshire Cat smile, a shot of whiskey at the ready and the words 'booze is the healer.' And goddamn if it didn't work. Put us right back on the horse."

The band's new limited-edition bourbon is Solera-aged in a King's Barrell, produced by Hillrock Estate Distillery in New York's Hudson Valley Highlands. It is 115.6-proof elixir and is priced at $140.

The group decided to put their stamp on "The Healer" after enjoying a post-show dinner and bourbon tasting at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut last November. "This bourbon got my vote right away," said bassist Frank Bello. "When I took the first sip, the mix of flavors really came out in a big way, and it was obvious to me that this bourbon had to become my new best friend. It was like a cool smooth vibe that made me pour a second glass. Second glasses are fun."

Ian added, "To my uneducated palate, this high rye content bourbon with notes of toffee, molasses, cinnamon and mint was incredibly well-balanced. The depth of the flavor was intense. In layman's terms, it's some damn-good hooch!"

This marks Anthrax's third venture into the world of bourbon, previous giving their go ahead to 2014's "Indians" and 2015's "The Devil You Know." For those interested in "The Healer" bourbon, you can go ahead and place your orders here.

Like most acts, Anthrax are using their pandemic down time to focus on new music. The band has been writing and rehearsing in anticipation of their follow-up to the For All Kings album.

Anthrax's "The Healer" Bourbon

Hillrock Estate Distillery
Hillrock Estate Distillery

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