Corey Taylor's first solo album isn't even out yet and the Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman is already thinking about a second and third solo record.

You may be assuming Taylor laid down a ton of new songs in quarantine, but he has constantly been writing songs since his teenage years. His upcoming debut as a solo artist, which was finished in quarantine, however, will even feature a track that he began writing back in high school.

There's a lot of material still waiting to be heard, Taylor indicated in an interview on "The Eddie Trunk Podcast." "I'm always thinking of songs, I'm always like coming up with stuff in my head, and because I'm so - almost hyper-focused on stuff, especially like that, I will mull and just exhaust every idea that comes with that song in particular, whatever I'm working on until I really got it figured out," said the singer when pressed about his writing process.

There's no big secret to fully fleshing out a song in this way, it's just that repetition is key. "It comes down to just playing it over and over and over again," added Taylor, who implied playing the songs both acoustically and plugged in. He also said he taught himself piano over the last 30 years.

"Obviously, I'm no virtuoso," the singer went on, "but I could play along with almost anything that I've ever written, so that comes in handy when you're looking for that extra level, or element, when it comes to enhancing songs or just writing songs completely." Trying out "obvious" and "cliche" ideas is part of the process of finding exactly the right fit, as well as nuances like a "little hook."

Looking forward Taylor suggested this solo debut is in no means the end for his individualized output. "I've got a bunch of stuff like that that maybe I'll end up releasing on the albums two and three when it comes to the solo stuff, but yeah, I have a ton of stuff that hopefully will see the light of day," he beamed.

Elsewhere in the interview, the Slipknot and Stone Sour singer addressed the state of modern rock, stating, "There's a lot of dead music out there disguised as rock music, and yes, there's still a great thriving rock scene that I think a lot of people aren't getting to hear because of a lot of the bands that are kind of dominating the airwaves right now."

He blamed the way a lot of rock music is produced today, resulting in what he deemed to be a "homogenized sound" and that "you can't tell any god damn band, the difference between any of those bands, because they all sound the same, they're all produced the same, they're all mixed the same, nothing stands out."

As of yet, there are still very few details pertaining to Taylor's debut album, but the singer has described it as "big choruses, fun rock." There's also a coffee table book of crazy quotes from his Slipknot bandmate Clown on the way too.

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