Hopefully the waters are receding enough that the Clark Fork River, among others, is becoming more user friendly.

Our friends at Destination Missoula wanted us to help spread the word about a helpful new guide and map ideal for local recreation use. With the goal of fostering an appreciation for the river and establishing responsible social norms around river use, the Three Rivers Collaborative partnered with Destination Missoula, the Downtown Missoula Partnership and Windfall to create a new River Guide and Map for 2020.

The first-phase digital map focuses on the Clark Fork River from Milltown State Park to Downtown Missoula and provides valuable information on river access points, common float times, and where to park. The river guide and map also offers best practices on how to be safe, be friendly, and share the natural resource that makes Missoula such a great place to live and visit. This provides an opportunity to engage with new users in how they can help care for this precious resource. The river guide and map will help community members and visitors better understand how to recreate responsibly on the river and at river access points.

Diversified river recreation is becoming more popular, and both tourists and residents want more information on how and where to float. This new river guide and map will be helpful for our visitor services staff and local businesses, as well as our guests who want a river experience.

What's it all about? What does it entail? Well, you can see the map and lots of useful information here. Here's to a summer of safe floating!


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