Anthrax are in the midst of their 35th anniversary celebration, and will appear on NBC's Late Night with Seth Meyers next Wednesday, Aug. 24. The show starts at 12:35AM ET and during their inaugural appearance on the show the band will play their new single "Monster at the End."

The song is from their latest album For All Kings, which was released in February. It debuted at No. 9 on the Billboard 200 album chart, their first top 10 album since 1993's Sound of White Noise.

In a recent interview with Loudwire's Full Metal Jackie, bassist Frank Bello talked about how their previous album Worship Music affected the way they went about making For All Kings.

"Number one, Joey [Belladonna, vocals] came back," Bello says. "We were with Joey again, it was Anthrax that a lot of people — look, I’ve always been a fan of Anthrax. I’m in the band, but I’ve always liked what we’ve done. Having Joey back was a different band and it was a band from the ’80s and I think with Worship Music we turned it up a notch in our writing and I think we found a really comfortable groove, riff-wise, melody wise and I think we know what we like and we know who we are now as writers. So I think it’s really easy when you know who the singer is, you know what I mean?"

Bello continues, "It’s a lot easier when you know who you’re writing for. I think that’s really coming across and specifically from Worship, that was the pivotal record, you have Joey back, a lot of people were interested to see how it would sound, thankfully it did well, so coming back into this For All Kings record, it couldn’t be more comfortable. I mean, we just got into jam as a band. Who does that, I mean, you just get in the room and jam. We haven’t been able to do that in a really long time, so talk about comfortable. I think we could take our time and know. I think the band Anthrax knows who we are."

Anthrax will be embarking on a tour with fellow "Big 4" members Slayer beginning Sept. 9 in Cleveland, Ohio. Death Angel will be the opening band. Before that they'll play some European festivals along with Pain in the Grass in Auburn, Wash. on Aug. 21.

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