Well it seems like we are not immune to this clown nonsense after all. It looks like clown sightings are popping up all over the country. After we first heard of the "creepy clown" sightings earlier in September, my first thought was "what is the government trying to distract us from?" Which seems to happen every time a strange fad takes off on social media. But, now I think there may be another legit reason for the sightings popping up all over the country and even our state. It is part of a genius marketing plan.

With the word "clowns" trending everywhere online, I came across a movie trailer. It was for a new movie, simply called "Clown." Is it coincidence that a major motion picture was released around the same time that all this other nonsense is happening? Maybe. But, "Clown" is not the only horror movie set to be released soon, that has that creepy theme. The re-make of Stephen King's "IT," is schedule to be released in less than a year. Featuring the creepiest of all creepy clowns, Pennywise.

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