Montana is the home of some pretty cool people. We have had lots of celebrities and heroes call Montana home. Everyone from Evel Knievel to the man who took down Bin Laden, Robert O'neill. But, when it comes to making a difference on a daily basis, the Arlee Warriors are the true heroes. The Arlee Warriors launched a suicide awareness campaign a few years ago called the Warrior Movement.

What is the Warrior Movement? According to

The Warrior Movement is about bringing hope to those contemplating suicide. It's about spreading the message that there are people who care, that life is precious, and there are programs and life skills they can learn to help them get through the tough times.  We aim to bring awareness to those who have the means to step up and make a difference with those going through these struggles.

2 years after the Warrior Movement was created, the message has spread all over the country, and the world. The Arlee Warriors continue to spread their message and suicide awareness. Recently, The Arlee Warriors have released yet another video, continuing forward with the cause.

Using the hashtag # Askforhelp, you too can help with the Warriors cause. With their motto "Together We Rise", and we strongly believe that coming together as one and finding a sense of belonging can help in this battle against suicide. 

Check out more of their latest videos from Warrior Movement youth ambassadors, LJ and Greg


Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:


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