University of Montana authorities have been advised to put the Missoula College in East Missoula under lock down as law enforcement searches for a potentially dangerous suspect.

"The University of Montana and specifically our police department were notified that law enforcement were pursuing a male fugitive in the greater East Missoula area," said UM spokeswoman Paula Short. "They have advised that we lock down the Missoula College, which we have done, also the Kim Williams trail adjacent to campus is closed"

Short says the incident is "emergent" and that the notifications were sent out between 11:15 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, January 30.

"We have notified all of our campus community members: our students, faculty and staff and asked them to be on the lookout and call 911 if they see a person matching the description that we have been told is, which is a man in a black jacket with a skull on the back of it... the description that we have is that they believe he is armed."

The Missoula County Sheriff's office later advised East Missoula residents and business to "STAY INSIDE AND LOCK THEIR DOORS" as they and U.S. Marshals continue their search. They describe the man as "30-40 years old with a slender build in grey pants and a black hoodie with grey sleeve and a grey hood with white writing."

The suspect was later identified as William "Billy" Dale Newhoff. and a picture (see above) has been released. The public is warned not to approach him as he is possibly armed and dangerous.

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