It has been a tradition in recent years for fathers to take the kiddos fishing on Father's Day. Due in part to the fact that Montana has made fishing free in the state on Father's Day weekend, Dad has no excuse not to pack up the kids and take them fishing. It's FREE. But, outdoor activities, such as fishing, are no longer simply masculine things. Fishing has become more and more popular among women every year. In fact, there are probably just as many women flinging flies on the Clark Fork and Blackfoot right now, as there are guys.

So why do Dads get a reason to go fishing on Father's Day? What about Moms on Mother's Day?

According to

Gov. Greg Gianforte signed into law Senate Bill 61, making it free in Montana, to fish on Mother’s Day. “Happy early Mother’s Day to Susan and all Montana moms!” Gianforte posted on Twitter alongside a photo of his wife, Susan. 

That's RIGHT! Fishing is FREE in Montana this weekend. No license is required. So, pack up the Snoopy pole, and the Spiderman pole, and DO NOT FORGET the Elsa pole. It's time to go catch some dinner. Just remind the kiddos that it is Mother's Day and they will be the ones gutting, cleaning, and cooking their catch.

If I can suggest some great spots to take the kids this weekend, since the rivers are getting high and dangerous, I would stick to the puddles.

Frenchtown Pond

Mccormick Park Ponds

Beavertail Pond

Any of these choices should get you at least a bite.

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