The pandemic sure did a good job of canceling all the things we love to do. For some, it was going to football games. For others, it was attending concerts. And for everyone, it was not being able to enjoy time with friends and family. For Butte, that means that COVID did a fine job trying to take away all the things that bring the community of Butte and surrounding areas together. But, we already know that Butte is about as resilient as a town can get. And now that the COVID pandemic is "officially over," I guess it is time to throw a Butte-style party

This festival just screams "BUTTE AMERICA!" Just think about it. A town that is known worldwide for its daredevil spirit. Hosting a bunch of motorcycle stunt shows coupled with bare-knuckle boxing. Shut up and take my money, please! Not to mention the event is all tied together with live music and food. This sound like it may be one destination on our list of summer road trips.

Brawls and Kickstart Days are returning to Butte this August 2023

This year is going to be HUGE. As the festival will feature some big names in the daredevil world, as well as some big names in ROCK.

According to the event page

Witness a once in a lifetime event, as World Renown Mr. Dizzy from the history channels “American Daredevils Saga” attempts a gravity-defying Guinness World Record 140 ft in the air Limousine Jump. Pyro Maniac KaMaKaZiE Kid lighting himself on fire and jumping through walls. The Baddest Men on the Planet face off in the ring, with no gloves on for one of the most brutal sports in the world Bareknuckle Boxing.

To top it all off, both nights will feature live rock performances.

Friday, August 5th

Smells Like Nirvana (Nirvana Tribute)

Saturday, August 6th


You are probably thinking, "There is no way I can afford to pay to witness all of this awesomeness." Well, you can dry your eyes, as tickets for each night are only $20. Or you can try your luck at getting limited early bird tickets now, and get both days for only $25. Get your tickets for BK Days here.

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