Before even thinking about choosing a name for a baby, most modern day parents Google the name, right? Just to be sure. But how different were Montana parents search queries?

The search engine giant dove into the data of baby name searches in 2015 and then shared the most common baby names that moms and dads were searching for the most.

Across America, in general, the top 3 boy baby names are: Michael, James, and Avery.  The top three girl baby names are:  Elizabeth, Olivia, and Emma.

Now while many of the states in America has pretty standard results, Google was still able to find a few baby names that were a bit more unique from each of the regions.

Here are a few of the most unique boy names: Ahmed in South Dakota . . . Ezekiel in Kansas . . . Zyion in Arkansas . . . Nico in Massachusetts . . . and Aniyah in Hawaii.

The most unique girl names that managed to be the top search in a state are:  Matilda in Wyoming . . . Malachi in New Mexico . . . Aurora in Arizona . . . Holga in Vermont . . . Maeve in New Hampshire . . . and Risley in Maine.

And when it comes to Montana State baby name search results? For a boy, it was Johnathan (pretty standard). For a girl, it was Everly (quite unique).

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