Some parents like to upend expectations when naming their kids, and it's different everywhere. Some people go far out on one side and give the kid a unique name that no one has ever had before, like Staircase or Paper Towel Roll Jr. Others do the opposite and think of the most common name they can find and just go with it. Take me, for example - my parents named me Mike Smith, which is the kind of name that's so common that it gets used as a fake example name all the time, to the point where a lot of people don't believe anybody could be named that. But they can! I'm right here!

Anyway, The Insider was able to sort of merge those two ideas together, and find the most unique popular names in every state in the US. So what was the most disproportionately popular name for boys in Montana?

The answer would be Titus, which is a name Montana parents use 5.8 times more than boys named Titus nationwide. And honestly, that name is great. It makes me think of both Titus from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Titus Welliver from Lost. Good move, parents of Tituses!

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