Father's day is approaching this weekend. What better time to get outside and do a little bonding than to take the "Ol'Man" fishing?  I have fond memories of fishing with my Dad on Father's day. The weather is usually perfect, and the fish are usually biting. Just be aware of some snags.

Thankfully, fishing is FREE this weekend here in Montana. The Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks announced that anyone can fish this weekend, regardless of whether they have a fishing license or not.

I have caught some weird things over the years. Everything from hooking into a pair of slippers on the river bottom, to snagging another angler's fishing rod (with the fish still attached.) Don't even get me started on the time I accidentally caught a seagull. You never really know what you might catch while fishing with Dad. You also may never know what might try and catch YOUR catch.

A video trending online today shows a Dad in direct competition with another predator. Not a lion, tiger or bear...But the symbol of American pride, a bald eagle.

According to the following video

Eagle steals fish, lure, and line

It appears that someone else is hungry for trout, as an eagle circles the angler's boat, in an attempt to snatch the catch. It takes a couple of tries, but eventually the eagle digs his claws into the trout. You can immediately hear the reel buzz as the eagle quickly flies away, stripping the reel clean of fishing line.

See it for yourself

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