The hot summer sun has got everyone flocking to the water. I have spent many of this year's hottest days on a boat. Someplace you can easily cool off with a quick dip in the lake. But, beware the wild animals. Especially the seagulls. Anytime I open a snack on the boat, these bloodthirsty flying rats show up out of nowhere. I watch as they divebomb the boat looking for any scraps they can. Sometimes even landing on the boat and trying to forcibly take snacks for themselves.

A Bozeman angler had a similar encounter this past week. Except his uninvited guest was not a bloodthirsty flying rat. But, a hungry black bear. Jason Veitch was fishing on Yellowtail Dam near Hardin. He watched as a bear walked down to the shore to investigate them on their boat. The bear didn't hesitate to jump in the water and swim out to the boat. Nearly attempting to board the boat, before returning back to shore.

According to KPAX, this is not that rare of an occurrence, considering the severe drought.

“Well, we are in an extreme drought year this year," explained Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Sgt. Matt Wemple. "And, whenever you have a year like that it affects so many things for wild animals, especially food sources and food and water.”

“Do not feed bears for one thing," said Wemple. "We have had that happen this year and unfortunately a lot of times that results in the bear being euthanized because it creates a public safety issue.”

Watch the video for yourself. Jason stayed fairly cool calm and collected, considering Yogi was pretending to be Jaws.

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