Finally, something to add to your drink when you're feeling like you're just not taking in enough naughty calories with your morning booze.

Sure you could spend the day hollowing out Slim Jim sticks to save a few bucks, but we found ours at Amazon. They're made by Benny's and 100% beef.  With a full 7.75 inches of meat, this special straw is sure to leave you and your party guests satisfied.


And perfect for couples too. When the husband approaches you and your empty Bloody Mary glass with that "I see you're drinking your breakfast again" look upon his face, you can plug his sober hole with the scrumptious, hollowed out meat snack that is now soaked with booze. Truly, a win for all.

A pack of these bad boys will run you $24.  I'm so submitting these to 'How It's Made', imagine what that machine looks like.


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