It's been a wild couple of years for The Old Post in Missoula. Back in 2019, they suddenly announced that they were closing down for good after twenty years in business. Then, just about a year later, it was revealed that The Old Post would be reopening under new management, with an updated, modern look to go along with it. Earlier this year, they did just that - at first, they were just open for takeout and delivery because of the pandemic, but soon enough they had opened the actual building and even hosted some live music.

And now, not long after they finally reopened, The Old Post has announced that they're closed again... although thankfully, this time, it's only temporary.

There's no reason given for the closure, but the Facebook post reassures people that The Old Post will be reopen soon - they're planning on a reopening date sometime this month.

We can only speculate why The Old Post has temporarily closed down, but hopefully they'll be back soon, especially after they finally managed to reopen the building in the first place. They're encouraging people to check back on their Facebook or Instagram pages to keep up to date on when the restaurant will be back in business.

That's pretty much all the info we have on the subject right now, but if The Old Post makes an update about the situation soon, we'll keep you posted.

Have you stopped by The Old Post since they came back earlier this year? How does it compare to the original Old Post?

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