I've never met anyone that doesn't love a hot and fresh biscuit out of the oven. Everyone has their own variation as to what to do with it, whether it's butter or jam that you put on it or maybe step it up and slather that deliciousness with some gravy! Thanks to onlyinyourstate.com I found out that the best biscuit in America is found in East Helena at Main Street Eats.

Photo courtesy of facebook.com/chefwerks/photos/a.1972546549552741.1073741828.1970619349745461/2152346188239442/?type=3&theater

Back in 2008 for a short period of time I was a resident of Helena but I never had the privilege to visit Main Street Eats. But after talking to co-workers here in Missoula it sounds like I need to plan a trip back at least to try some of these delicious biscuits. Our director of first impressions here at Townsquare Media in Missoula raves about their gravy as well. She often has a friend bring her gravy then freezes it to use at later times. If Main Street Eats has food so good that you freeze it for later, that is one restaurant that I need to visit for myself.

Of course talking to other co-workers about biscuits produced a list of places closer to Missoula with delicious biscuits like River City Grill in Bonner, and Ekstrom's Stage Station near Rock Creek.


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