For centuries, people have used domesticated animals to protect their homes. We are all aware of the "Beware of Dog" signs on our neighbor's fences. But, have you ever seen a "Beware of Squirrel" sign? A man, in our neighboring state of Idaho, may have to make a sign after he discovered his pet squirrel was capable of protecting his home. Adam Pearl, who lives in Meridian, recently came home to find that his home had been burglarized. Adam came home and noticed that something wasn't right. He inspected his home and found foot prints in the snow and that someone was trying to break into his gun safe. He called the police and they discovered that a "perp" they questioned had scratches on his hand. When the detectives asked if the scratches were from a squirrel, the suspect said "Yes, damn thing kept attacking me and wouldn't stop until I left."

Somebody better buy "Joey" the squirrel a big bag of peanuts, and criminals better beware the wrath of the attack squirrel.


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