We have all heard of the "man-flu." Women like to point out that all men are huge wimps, when it comes to being sick. Now, I cannot deny that I have had the "man-flu," from time to time. But, I have survived and am here today to help my radio brother.

As it turns out, our "weekend jock," KROMDAR, has come down with a mighty cold. The cold is severe enough to make him lose his voice and also make his lady parts ache. So much so, that Kromdar has launched his own GoFund Me page.

According to Kromdar's page:

Kromdar has a cold, it's the worst thing to ever happen to the world. Only a brand new yacht can cure this terrible affliction. All remaining funds go directly to satisfying Ryan's whims and impulse buys.

For only pennies a day, you can help a dying DJ.

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