Montana Outdoor Radio Show Elk hunting guru, Shawn Plakke, punched his elk tag recently.

Shawn has been supplying us with helpful elk hunting tips the last few months. His success is proof that he knows his stuff. Shawn “hoofed” it into the back country 3 1/2 miles when he came upon 7 bulls. When daylight broke Shawn noticed the 7 bulls split up and he started cow calling. The 6×6 came in real fast. Almost too fast. It gave Shawn very little time to set up. After waiting patiently for 15 minutes to get the bull to present a shot, Shawn flung his arrow true and the bull only went 60 yards before expiring.

Check out Shawn’s story in his own words and get the rest of your statewide hunting a fishing reports below.

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