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Incase you missed it on yesterday's morning show, I shared the tale of the toothless (yet handsome!) man who was busted eating raw meat at a Walmart in Pennsylvania.

The story has blown up and inspired trending on Twitter for the hashtag #uknowuhungrywhen

Scott T. Shover, 53, is facing felony charges for allegedly opening packages of ground beef and stew meat, eating some, and then returning the packages to the shelf.  Dude's effin' HUNGRY.  Coupla things here, first, can you eat raw meat with no teeth?  I reckon so.  And, can you imagine strollin' up to purchase some meat at Walmart, not noticing it's covered in hillbilly slobber until you've already picked it up?  Awesome. 

The loss prevention officer on duty noticed Mr. Shover enjoying the raw meat and then exiting the store, obviously not planning to pay for it.  So he followed him out to the parking lot where there just happened to be officers waiting.  Turns out Toothless Scott is a repeat offender, and slightly belligerent, so they threaten to tase him (say it with me "DON'T TASE ME BRO!") and off he goes to be booked.

Here's wishing you a meat filled Monday.  Missoula's all new Buffalo Wild Wings opens at 11am, first 100 people through the doors get free wings for a year and Barrett will be there at 9am to give away Five Finger Death Punch tickets!

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