Have you been receiving your paycheck from Walmart in the mail? I know I haven't. In fact, I didn't even get an invite to the company Christmas party this past year. What gives Walmart? I have been working on my cashier duties when I am at Walmart. I have almost memorized the produce codes. Only a matter of time until I get that promotion I have been waiting for.

WAIT... WHAT?.. I'm NOT employed by Walmart? Then why am I bagging groceries?


That is how many people feel when it comes to using self-checkout at Walmart. Gone are the days when a helpful cashier would engage in small talk with you as they would bag up your items and give you your receipt. Now the only small talk we have is when the "LORD OF THE SELF CHECKOUT" or the "checkout host" has to check your ID before buying that bottle of wine.

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Some Montana stores have expressed interest in getting rid of the self-checkouts. Just recently a Walmart in New Mexico removed ALL self-checkout. With more stores doing the same in Wyoming.

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Walmart: The Largest Private Employer In The U.S.
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Just when you think that Walmart is taking a step in the right direction, they double down. Walmart has announced that they are experimenting with the possibility of making Walmart stores 100% self-checkout ONLY.

According to sources, a store in Walmart's home state of Arkansas is transforming into a 100% self-checkout ONLY model. Instead, they will have more "checkout hosts" to help with any issues. They will even check out your groceries for you if needed. If this experiment works in Arkansas, how long until Montana Walmarts will be forced to follow suit?

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