It has become a tradition on Tuesdays for going on 4 years now. The weekly shin dig at the Rustic Hut in Florence. Now that restaurants and bars are opening, following the statewide shut down, the Rustic Hut hopes to continue business as usual. The Hut has done their part in redesigning the layout of the bar and dining room, to maintain a fair amount of social distancing. Now all we need is some cheap chicken wings, cold beer and a very enthusiastic trivia host.

So strap on your thinking hats, dig out your 96.3 The Blaze shirts and join me in "The Root" for the Cinco De Mayo edition of Blaze Night at the Rustic Hut.

Trivia starts approximately 8pm.

Enjoy footage of yours truly vs. Dan from Ceres in an EPIC Carolina reaper wing eating challenge. from 1 year ago.

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