As it turns out, Mondays suck just as much for doggies as they do for humans. On Monday, January 30th, an 8-month-old Coonhound, who just happens to be named Blaze, found himself, more specifically, his head, stuck in a wheel.

His human ended up having to take Blaze to the vet. The Butte/Silver Bow Fire Department became involved and they explain what happened next.

Fire Marshal Brian Doherty answered a call from St. Frances Veterinary Hospital this afternoon. They asked if we had extrication equipment. When Fire Marshal Doherty asked what they needed, they reported that a puppy’s head was stuck in the wheel of a tire. The Vet didn’t know what to do so they called us.

The fully-equipped Rescue Unit No. 1 responded and was closely followed by the Fire Marshal’s vehicle.

The owner left the pup by himself in his yard for just a few hours and came home to find him in this precarious position! With a lot of coconut oil, patience, a lot of ear tucking, and some powerful skin-pulling, Blaze’s head was quickly and successfully extricated from the tire wheel without the use of tools but with Firefighter Zach Osborne's brute strength. Blaze remained uninjured throughout the ordeal. Although some minor neck swelling was noted by the firefighters. Blaze remained calm, cool, and collected throughout the ordeal; he did not make a sound.

Incident Commander Battalion Chief Bill Fisher was in charge of the entire operation; Fire Marshal Doherty completed the daunting task of ear tucking; and Firefighter Osborne, the only true hero, utilized his brute strength to free Blaze.

Hopefully this was a valuable lesson for young Blaze, and we won’t have to respond to any more menacing incidents involving this playful puppy.

Because the rescue was so quick, we didn't get a picture of Blaze's ears that needed to be tucked back to the other side of the wheel, so we added a picture of a Coonhound puppy.

Mad props to Blaze's human for coming up with such an excellent name for a mischievous doggo, and especially to the very patient Butte/Silver Bow Fire Department team.

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