The July Fire in northeast Montana continues to spread and new information has been made available as to what may have caused this damaging wildfire. Fire Information Officer Hailey Graf explains.

“We did receive a statement from BLM law enforcement and their statement is that the BLM law enforcement is investigating the July Fire as a suspected human caused fire,” said Graf. “That is the extent of the information that we have. They are not willing to discuss the details because it is still and active investigation.”

Some media reports have indicated that a campfire was the cause of the wildfire, but Graf warns the media about speculation.

“There are a lot of rumors flying around as to the cause of this fire,” Graf said. “We really just ask that before people share information they make sure that it is coming from official fire information sources so that rumors are not spread.”

According to Graf, the wildfire has reached 11,174 acres and is still growing. She says the recent high humidity and lower temperatures have helped moderate some of the fire behavior.

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