I swear the people are running out of things to complain about. Gun violence and gun control has been a topic all over the news recently, but residents in Boulder Colorado are outraged by a neighborhood elk being euthanized by a police officer.

According to thedailycamera.com

The elk was honored with a makeshift memorial of candles, songs and stories.

Several hundred people attended a vigil Sunday in Boulder, Colo., for the elk that was killed by a police officer. It had wandered into a neighborhood, where it was fatally shot by an on-duty police officer.

The officer has said the elk appeared injured before he shot it. He has been placed on leave.


I was interested to find out more on what the policy is on euthanizing injured wildlife in city limits and if the police department is allowed to handle those situations themselves. I contacted Vivica Crowser, Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks, to find out.

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