Bare Knuckle Boxing is indeed a real, sanctioned sport. It's brutal, bone crushing, and it's coming to Montana.

You might remember awhile back we did a story of Missoula's own Cody Beierle, who had his Bare Knuckle Boxing debut in Florida. Sadly he lost his match due to injury, but now he's back and ready to make Missoula proud.

Photo courtesy of Cody Beierle
Photo courtesy of Cody Beierle

There might be some other names that sound familiar on the card as well. Former Dog Pound MMA fighter, Leo Bercier will also be going toe to toe. This might not surprise a lot of you if you know Leo. This dude will fight anyone, anywhere, at anytime. He's also probably the nicest guy you'll ever meet.

Former MMA standout Joe "Diesel" Riggs is also on the card. Yes, that Joe Riggs.

The promotions company "BKFC" (Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship) will be putting on this rad event in Great Falls on September 10th at the Pacific Steel and Recycling Arena.

As of right now there is 10 cards on the docket with two cards being women fighters.

Tickets are on sale right now and will run you anywhere from forty five dollars up to twelve hundred dollars for a VIP table. If you can round up 7 people I highly suggest the VIP table. The view is much better, plus comes some other services perks.

I know our Missoula fighters would love a huge hometown crowd to make the trip over to the G Funk. If you can't cruise on over, it's totally understandable. You can still buy the streaming package to watch at home HERE. I know locally, the Press Box and Stockman's bar in Missoula both showed the last fight, so hopefully we might get lucky and be able to watch there as well. We'll keep you updated.

For all other information about this crazy event, check out the full details at the BKFC Website. 

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